PG Scientific‘s T7D/T7DS series UV-VIS spectrophotometers are dual-beam variable wavelength spectrophotometers with a “Split Beam" optical scheme. They are available in the version with fixed bandwidth of 2 nm (T7D) or variable slit 0.5 , 1. , 2 , 5 nm (T7DS). They are supplied in standard version with 8-position motorized change change.

These instruments are able to perform scans, photometric measurements, quantitative analysis, DNA/Protein analysis.

With the use of a PC and UV-Win Software, many other applications are possible such as 3D spectra, kinetics, storage of methods and data, export of data in various formats, GLP.

The T7D/T7DS Series UV-VIS spectrophotometers undergo stringent quality controls to ensure maximum compliance with the declared specifications.

Thanks to this quality control and years of experience gained in the development of this technology, the instruments of the T7D7T7DS series are placed in the medium-high end of the market. The price/quality ratio is always significantly better than any other competitor.

The T7D/T7DS series represents the new generation of UV-Vis spectrophotometers.

They are widely used in all areas of science, from the food field to the environmental, from pharmaceutical to biotechnology, from healthcare to many other uses in the organic and biochemical fields.

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