PG Scientific‘s T9/T10DCS series UV-Vis Double Beam spectrophotometers use a dual monochromatotor optical scheme. These are the top levels of the series. They are suitable for any application in any field of UV-Vis spectroscopy, thanks to the extremely low diffused light specifications, up to values at 0.00004%T and the wide photometric range, from -8.0 to +8.0 Abs.

For higher wavelength accuracy, the T9/T10DCS series UV-Vis Double Beam spectrophotometers use a mercury lamp and an automatic wavelength correction system. It is possible to perform measurements in the distant UV by flowing Nitrogen into the optical compartment.

Developed to meet any analytical need in any field of applied sciences and research, the UV-Vis Double Beam T9/T10DCS spectrophotometers are the indispensable tools in the following sectors:

  • Pharmaceutical;
  • Metrological controls;
  • Food safety;
  • Materials science;
  • Research.

These instruments are controlled and can acquire data via PC also via wireless connection using Wi-Fi technology and allowing the analyst to move freely in the laboratory during the execution of sample measurements.

A wide variety of accessories are available, from the standard to the most sophisticated such as integration balls, thermostaticcell holders, polarizers and much more.

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