PG Scientific's T8DCS series UV-VIS DOUBLE BEAM spectrophotometers are dual-beam variable wavelength spectrophotometers with a continuously selectable bandwidth of 0.1 to 5 nm. An instrumental class particularly suitable for the pharmaceutical industry and for scientific research. The Czerny-Turner Monochromator with holographic lattice reduces diffused light and offers excellent optical resolution. The use of a photomultiplier as a detector achieves exceptional sensitivity.

The “True Double-Beam" optical scheme, coupled with efficient and proven electronic control, ensures low drift and low background noise. The T8DCS Spectrophotometer comes with UV-Win software. What characterizes this high-performance series is the possibility of continuously varying the wavelength.

The T8DCS series DOUBLE BEAM UV-VIS spectrophotometers require a PC that, thanks to the UV-Win software supplied as standard, allows the widest range of analytical operations.

The geometry of the sample compartment and its large dimensions allow the use of a large number of optional accessories.

These tools comply with the most stringent requirements of GLP, which makes them the ideal tools for the pharmaceutical industry.

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