Q-FRONT N Series Ultrapure Water Producers - Labo Line S.R.L. -

The Q-FRONT N Series ultrapure water producers are placed on the top of the range, the result of decades of experience and ADRONA‘s know-how in the development and construction of ultrapure water production systems for analysis and research laboratories.

The prefilter system adopted in the Q-FRONT N Series has a high efficiency thus extending the life of the deionizer.

The flexible volumetric dispenser makes the withdrawal of ultrapure water even easier, in addition to the possibility of connecting to the remote dispenser “Flow Point 3".

The Q-FRONT N Series ultrapure water producers are supplied with a 30 Lt tank with multilevel sensor (tanks with larger volumes available), it has a production capacity of:

Pure water Grade 2: 10 Lt / h;

Ultrapure water Grade 1: 2 Lt / min.

Available in 4 versions (TRACE, HPLC, BIO, Bio UF) for different application needs.

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