Q-FRONT EDI Series Ultrapure Water Producers - Labo Line S.R.L. - Labo Line S.r.l.

The Q-FRONT EDI Series ultrapure water producers have all the features of the Q-FRONT N series with the additional performance of the EDI (Electrodeionization) deionization system.

The EDI module eliminates the need to replace deionizing cartridges with ion exchange resins. Particularly suitable for those who have a high consumption of Grade 2 water.

Self-regenerating, ADRONA Q-FRONT EDI Series ultrapure water producers require no maintenance.

The production capacity of pure water is Grade 2: 5 or 10 Lt / h ultrapure water; Grade 1: 2 Lt / min.

The Q-FRONT EDI Series is available in Trace, HPLC, Bio and Bio UF versions.

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