PG PLUS RACK SERIES, The Entry Level Of Hydrogen Generators In Racks - Labo Line S.r.l.

In the generators of the PG PLUS RACK series, the exclusive self-regenerating drying system with permeation membrane guarantees a hydrogen purity of more than 99.9996% (real purity) with a dew point better than -25 ° C.

Equipped with a small volume tank and pump for internal “refill", it is supplied with an external 10 Lt tank.

All operating parameters are constantly monitored to ensure maximum operational safety.

Available with flows from 100 up to 600 cc/min with pressure up to 11 bar (160 psig).

The PG PLUS Rack series produced in Italy by VICI-DBS can be equipped with an internal ZERO AIR PRODUCER with air flows of 1.8 or 5.0 Lt/min.

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