PG PLUS FID Station, The "Zero" Footprint Solution! - Labo Line S.r.l.

The “horizontal" format of the PG PLUS FID Station series allows installation under the chromatograph gas and supports its weight. Mounted on sliding rails inside a sturdy chassis, it can be pulled out for maintenance without the need to remove the gas chromatograph.

Like all VICI DBS hydrogen generators, the FID Station series uses the latest PEM technology with TITANIUM cell.

The exclusive self-regenerating drying system with permeation membrane guarantees a hydrogen purity of more than 99.9996% (real purity) with a dew point better than -25 ° C.

All operating parameters are constantly monitored to ensure maximum operational safety.

Available with flows from 100 up to 600 cc/min with pressure up to 11 bar (160 psig).

The PG PLUS FID Station series incorporates a ZERO AIR PRODUCER with air flows of 1.8 or 5.0 Lt/min.

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