New line of Olimpeak™ syringe filters - Labo Line S.r.l.

Teknokroma introduces on the market the new range of certified filters for “Olimpeak ™” syringes. With Olimpeak ™ Teknokroma takes another step forward in traceability, method validation and GLP. Olimpeak ™ Certified Syringe Filters are made from medical grade polypropylene (housing) with ISO 594-1 compliant Luer Lock and Luer slip fittings. Each filter is sealed using an outer ring insert to maintain membrane integrity and therefore best performance. Olimpeak ™ Syringe Filters are color coded for easy identification. All syringe filters are manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001 and technical procedures and tested according to the international standard ISO 17025. Thanks to an extreme consistency of production controlled from batch to batch and from filter to filter, variable results are eliminated. Samples and raw data of all batches of syringe filters and membranes are stored for 5 years from manufacture for reference.