HT4000E: SPE Preparer and HPLC Autosampler - Labo Line S.r.l.

The “constant flow" technology ensures that all samples are treated uniformly, ensuring constant times; eliminates the problems related to inter-lot variability of SPE cartridges, typical of constant pressure procedures. It also frees you from the need to set up sub-services such as gas or vacuum, with the related inconveniences and associated costs. The supplied HTAPREP software controls the HT4000E, allowing you to operate efficiently and start processing samples from day one. It allows the execution of a wide range of applications, such as those with multiple purifications. The user interface is based on the “Drag & Drop" concept in order to intuitively define each step of the SPE procedure which includes sample loading, washing, cartridge drying, elution, derivatization as well as injection into HPLC / LC-MS systems. HT4000E allows you to automate a wide range of sample clean-up procedures. In addition to the more common SPE cartridges (Normal Phase, Reverse Phase and Ion Exchange), HT4000E can handle Affinity and Immunoaffinity cartridges as well as SLE (Diatomaceous Earth) cartridges. In addition, HT4000E allows you to automate sample filtration through the use of cartridge filters, as an alternative to syringe filters.