HT3000A series - Labo Line S.r.l.

HT3000A is the most compact sampler available on the market with a great load
autonomy: in the standard version it houses 121 positions for 2 ml vials, other
types of racks are optional. It is equipped with a large color touch screen display
that guarantees immediate, simple and intuitive use. It can be easily interfaced
with all GC and GC / MS systems thanks to its configuration flexibility and
modularity. It can be configured to use up to two injectors in most supported
GCs. HT3000A is the fastest liquid autosampler available on the market:
injection can take place in less than 100ms. It allows to manage the most
sophisticated sampling techniques (headspace at room temperature, multi-
phase, small volumes, with controlled sample handling speeds to manage
different viscosity levels), injection (priority, with the standard technique internal,
injection into two injectors in high-throughput and confirmation mode), washing
(with sample or solvent, single or double step). It can mount syringes of all kinds,
with volumes from 500 nanoliters to 100 microliters, to support, in addition to the
split / splitless injectors, also PTV and on-column injectors.