HT2000H: Headspace Autosampler - Labo Line S.r.l.

System based on a high performance heated syringe, which guarantees simplicity and robustness. With HT2000A, dead volumes and adsorption effects, typical of systems with loops or transfer lines, are eliminated. Up to 6 samples are heated and simultaneously stirred in the oven. The operation based only on the syringe allows the HT2000H to perform consecutive injections of samples even with very different characteristics and concentrations. Even the most chemically reactive compounds can be analyzed without the need to change anything inside the sampler. HT2000H also allows you to change the injection volume without requiring loop changes. It is also equipped with: preventive maintenance counters, System Integrity Test (system integrity check) – which can be carried out at each sequence start – and Vial Leakage Check (vial seal check). Finally, a large color touch screen display provides immediate, simple and intuitive use, allowing the instrument to be controlled even by inexperienced operators. For routine analyzes, the sampler can be started using the “one-touch” procedure: after loading the samples, simply press “START". The special model HT2000HT features the ability to heat samples up to 300 ° C