HT1500L: Entry-Level HPLC - Labo Line S.r.l.

Compatible with all HPLC systems on the market, the HT1500L autosampler has
been designed to achieve the best balance between quality and economy in
order to fully meet the requirements of HPLC applications. Equipped with an
intuitive keypad, it allows the start of the analysis by simply pressing the START
button when loading the samples HT1500L is supplied with the HTA
Autosampler Manager software, which allows programming of the autosampler.
The sample tray is organized in multiple racks – each removable – to facilitate
continuous sample preparation and loading. The integrated solvent compartment
allows washing of the needle and the entire flow-path before processing the next
sample. HT1500L is characterized by impeccable analytical performance, a
sample capacity of 45 positions and incomparable reliability and robustness.