HPLC Columns - Labo Line S.r.l.

Teknokroma HPLC columns use the brand new Ultrafit ™, designed to make laboratory work more comfortable and efficient. The Ultrafit ™ system allows you to easily insert both additional frits and a pre-column with maximum simplicity. In the design of the Ultrafit ™ column, great care was taken to prevent all aspects that could result in the loss of efficiency of the column. As a result of this study, dead volumes have been minimized, by means of a high-precision mechanism, with inlet and outlet holes of 0.2mm and first-class taper for perfect distribution of inlet and outlet flows. The Ultrafit ™ system allows you to add a pre-column without loss of efficiency to columns up to 30 x 4 mm filled with 3 mm particles. The material used for the construction of the column is also of the highest quality, with an ultra-glossy internal finish, of extremely low RMS, ensuring that no imperfections in the column tube will affect the quality of the separation.