Crystal EX Series Ultrapure Water Producers - Labo Line S.R.L. - Labo Line S.r.l.

The Crystal EX series ultrapure water producers are fed directly from mains water. This is the “entry level” model of the ADRONA line of laboratory water purifiers. They are appreciated for their compactness, ease of use and for their undisputed convenience, also in terms of operating and maintenance costs. The Crystal EX series ultrapure water producers are supplied as standard with a 30 Lt tank with level sensor, but tanks with larger volumes are also available. The production capacity of these systems is:

Pure water Grade 2: 10 Lt / h;

Ultrapure water Grade 1: 2 Lt / min.

3 versions are available: TRACE, HPLC, BIO for different application needs.

For those who do not need grade 1 water, the EX-Pure, EX-Double Flow and EX Pure 4 versions are available which produce grade 2 pure water, while the EX-RO produces grade 3 reverse osmosis water.

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